Quick Guide: Winterizing Black Hair [Natural Hair]

Here are some essentials to winterizing your natural tresses. Don’t worry relaxed sisters, these tips will work for your hair too.

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Fall is here, and winter just around the corner.  Now is a great time to start preparing your hair for the cooler weather.

Here are some essentials to winterizing your natural tresses.  Don’t worry, relaxed sisters, these tips will work for your hair too.

In between salon appointments (or between stylists and/or if you’re a DIY type) use this quick guide to keep you looking stunning all winter long. 


  • Do a  pre-shampoo oil treatment
  • Choose a cream shampoo
  • Save clarifying shampoos for warm weather


  • Deep condition more often
  • After cleansing and rinsing conditioner, use a good leave-in conditioner


  • Decide if you want to use butters or oils to seal the hair (applying to wet hair)
  • If choosing oils, choose oils that don’t congeal such as olive, avocado, jojoba, apricot, sweet almond, or macadamia

(Please note any food or nut allergies you may have and check with your health care practitioner before using. )

  • Skip humectants, such as Glycerin and Panthenol, which can cause the hair to loose moister and dry out the hair. Humectants that are rinsed out (such as in after shampoo conditioners) are fine; however.

Style and Care

  • Choose curl creams over gels (which can be drying) for the winter months
  • Use protective styles (up dos and buns) to get avoid split ends
  • Wear satin lined hats, caps or hoods
  • Line the collar of wool coats/jackets with a satin scarf
  • At the end of the day, protect your hair with a satin or silk bonnet or pillow case

No two heads of hair are the same, so be sure to try out different options/products to see how well they work with your head of hair.  Remember to keep heat styling to a minimum, and if you need more assistance, contact a licensed stylist in your area.

If you are in the Greater Nashville area, call D Smith Salon at 615.504.7169 to make an appointment or set up a consultation.

D Smith Salon | Healthy Hair Is Priority

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